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Meetings & Events

Are you looking for a venue, an idea, an event, a service provider, a logo creator or resources, but you lack the time?


At a time when budget constraints affect everyone, and purchasing departments must buy the best at the best price, we are reinventing the classic economic model of event agencies and playing the double role of communications and event broker. Look no more, we will look for you!


With 23 years of experience in event communications in the Paris region and out of town, our team uses its expertise by putting you in touch with the best service providers in your area, guaranteeing you professionalism, rigor and confidentiality at the best price.

Our team of experts, based both in Paris and out of town, will be happy to assist you in your efforts.  From a business seminar, to an unforgettable private party, team-building, birthday celebration, convention, or conference, Event-me Up will offer you a turnkey solution, saving you time. You no longer have to search for the information on your own, the information will come to you!

Company parties

Event-me Up offers design and production services for any welcome receptions, gala evenings,  product launches and more – including, naturally, theming, décor and audio-visual production.

The handling of all essential details and information ensures the comfort and enjoyment of guests and guarantees the success of your event.

We have the human resources, logistics and techniques necessary to ensure high-quality services to our clients.
Our secret? Competence, flexibility, organization and passion
We offer a wide range of high quality services and we work with the best local suppliers to guarantee you the best service and
the best price on the market.

Incentive program; Team-buildings

The incentive trips that we offer always take into account the tastes and preferences of the group, including choice of destinations, culinary activities, sports, tourism, and others elements that we are able to incorporate especially for your group.


Our goal is to bring the best of France and around to our clients.

Fêtes Privées


Table de mariage la nuit
Private parties

A holiday party with friends? A housewarming party? A special dinner? A baptism? In Paris, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux or further yet?


Event-me Up brings your desires to life and helps you define the theme for your exceptional occasion.

Listening to your desires, your tastes, ideas and budget, we offer unusual places and go off the beaten trail to organize your private party ...

Event-me Up, accompanied by its best providers, will offer you a fabulous atmosphere. Your guests will go away with the evening forever engraved in their memory!


From finding a caterer to entertainment and decoration, Event-me up becomes the solution to your event!


In order to offer you a complete solution, we propose a comprehensive logo and graphics package including but not limited to your announcements, event color theme, menus, thank you cards and more.

faire du vin
Unusual discoveries

Looking for a day full of unexpected discoveries? In Paris, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux or further yet?


Event-me Up takes you into unspoiled places rarely visited by the general public!

Private tours, exceptional wine cellar tastings and workshop visits - what are you waiting for?

DJ Booth

From a simple DJ to theatrical entertainment, from New York style dancers, to a circus atmosphere and the perfect lighting!

​Event-me Up puts you in touch with the best entertainers in the area you are staying for work  or vacation.

Evénements Divers


LOGO VISIBLE_quadri.png
Social media management

Event-me Up takes care of everything!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, social networks have invaded our daily lives.

We take care of all aspects of your community management: social media strategy, account creation, animation, moderation, content creation and reporting.

Utiliser un gadget numérique
Marketing strategy

We can be involved in the conception and production of communication tools dedicated to your event: logos creation, graphic charter design, signage support, dedicated event website (informative but also inclusive of a registration system), smartphones and tablets with event applications, presentation templates, promotional materials…

Our team can design, customize and produce any communication tool specific to your event.

Création de logo
Graphic creation

Event-me Up offers all the appropriate services for the creation of your graphic charter and takes care of your visual identity:

Logo design

Graphic variation of your logo, model, brochure, sign, flyers.

Creation of brochures, annual reports, posters.

Graphic creation of greeting cards, special events.

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